Blogger Interrogation: Steal My Heart Lovee

The blogger: Steal My Heart Lovee 

What is the first blog you remember following?
The first blog I remember following was Temptalia. This was in 2008 when I first discovered beauty blogs.

What is the last blog you followed?
This will change by the time I’m published, but the last blog I followed was Makeup By Thess.

Without checking, how many lipsticks do you think you own?
I think I own about 20 lipsticks.

How many do you really own?
I really own 36 lipsticks. lol

You can only use 3 makeup products for the rest of your life. Which ones will they be?
These questions are always a challenge for me. I love a flawless face so it would be...
1. Foundation
2. Concealer
3. Mascara

You have to get rid of 3 of your makeup products right now. Which ones will they be?
1. Lip gloss
2. Eye shadow pigments
3. Cream eye shadows

What is your best makeup tip?
This makeup tip isn’t mine, but I completely agree with it.“Eyeshadow is a powerful thing; done right, it can instantly transform you.” - The Beauty of Color by Iman

What is your makeup pet peeve?
I have two. #1 Raccoon eyes instead of a fierce smokey eye.
#2 Wearing foundation that is either too light or too dark for your actual skin tone.

What is the worst makeup crime you’ve ever committed?
When I was learning how to fill in my eyebrows, I started using a black eyebrow pencil. Lucky, I don’t have any of those photos my blog!I realized my black eyebrows was making my face look too harsh. So, I decided to use Maybelline Define-a-Brow Pencil in Dark Brown (which is a perfect shade for my brows) or to combine both NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in Black with NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown to soften the brow just enough.I definitely learned a lesson from my makeup crime. 

What is one thing your readers don’t know about you?
One thing my readers don’t know about me is that I can sing. When I was a child I always sang in my church’s choir; but now I’m too shy to sing in front of people I don’t know. Although, that might change shortly. ;)

Please link us to your favorite post.
I’m a blush junkie. So my favourite posts would have to be any review about NARS blushes

Thanks for giving me this opportunity, Tiffany. :)

Thank you to StealMyHeartLovee for letting us interrogate her!

Thank you so much for the overwhelmingly positive response on my Blogger Interrogation series! It seems there are quite a few people interested in being interrogated and already, I have bloggers lined up again for the next several weeks so unfortunately, I won't be taking any more volunteers at this time. I'll be sure to let you guys know when I am! Thanks so much for understanding :)


The Flawless Face.

I've been getting a lot of compliments on my skin lately and as much as I try to tell people I don't have perfect skin by any stretch of the imagination, no one believes me...fine by me, I guess! ;) Apparently my current foundation routine has been doing good things for me lately, so I figured I'd share it with you. Just a word of caution though: Your skin may look so flawless afterwards that I suggest you start practicing phrases like, "No, I swear, I really do not have perfect skin!" and "I promise you, I suffer from breakouts too!" now :D

This will be the finished result and I'll be honest, I'm just putting it first because I know it's going to show up as the thumbnail on the Blogger Dashboard and I don't want a photo of my makeup-less face to scare readers off from clicking on the post ;) Yay, you've made it this far!

Step 1: Apply moisturizer. I used The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream. (I told you I don't have perfect skin!) ;)

Step 2: Spray MAC Fix+ all over in preparation for foundation. (This isn't always a necessity, depending on what moisturizer and foundation you're using, but both my moisturizer and foundation are on the drier side and the foundation won't apply as smoothly without dampening the skin with a facial spray first.)

Step 3: Apply foundation. I'm using Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation. It's a medium to full coverage foundation, and on most of the posts where I get a lot of compliments on my "perfect skin", this is the foundation I'm wearing. I apply it with my fingers.

Step 4: Conceal, conceal, conceal! *** This is my trick to flawless skin. I've never used a foundation that has been able to cover up all of my flaws, blemishes, and hyper-pigmentation before, so I rely on concealer to pick up where my foundation left off. I've been LOVING the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette lately for blemishes, scarring, and redness, and I used Dior Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer for my under-eye circles.

Step 5: Powder to lock everything in. I used Maybelline Dream Matte Powder for my face and the powder in the SK Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette to set my under-eye concealer.

Skin is done!
Your skin should look pretty flawless at this point, but now the problem we've created is that your face may look a bit dimensionless since we've created such a blank and perfect (I use the word 'perfect' very loosely, obviously!) canvas. Now we'll go back in and add a bit of color and dimension to the face with the use of contour, blush, and highlight :)

Step 6: Use a brush handle to locate the hollows of your cheeks, aka the area right under your cheek bone. This is where you'll be applying your contour. Imagine if you had ridiculously high, model-esque cheekbones (if you really do have them, then I'm jealous!) - a natural shadow would be created directly below them, and this is what you're trying to mimic with contouring.

Step 7: Apply a matte, cool-toned bronzer or contour color to the area under your cheek bones. I applied Benefit Hoola with the Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter brush. (Advice: Pay close attention to pick off any stray brush hairs on your forehead before snapping 3 photos you're planning on posting on your blog! Ugh - story of my life.)

Step 8: Locate the apples of your cheeks by smiling. Move about a half inch away from the apples (out towards your ears, not in towards your nose) and apply blush, applying it slightly outward and upward, but not all the way to your hairline! I used Milani Luminoso Blush.

Step 9: Apply highlighter to the tops of your cheek bones. Again, imagining those model-esque cheekbones - when the light hits them, it's going to be the most illuminated at the highest points of your face, one being the tops of your cheek bones, and a shadow is created below them (contour). I used Dior Amber Diamond with a MAC 188 brush.

Contour, blush, and highlight are done, and dimension has been added to your blank canvas.

Lipstick ...
The finished result!

How do you achieve your flawless face? I'd love to hear your tips if you'd like to share :)


Juicy Lips and Eyelet Shorts.

I have a confession to make: I have a small phobia of stains...of the makeup sort, of course. But that all changed when I read my sister's Seventeen magazine last month *embarrassed* ;) There was a photo of a model with juicy berry lips with matching, berry cheeks that looked like they had just been freshly pinched. I was mesmerized by the effortlessness and gorgeousness of her look and a few days later, I found myself at Sephora picking up the Stila Lip & Cheek Stain in Acai Crush in hopes of achieving a similar look.

I've applied it to both my lips and cheeks here. Since it's an extremely fast drying formula and I want to avoid the stain from staining pink spots on my cheeks and looking patchy on my lips, I apply the stain directly from the brush onto my finger, and then I apply it from my finger onto my skin and blend with vigorous speed.

I've used it on my lips several times and it has excellent staying power. It fades nicely and doesn't flake off or start setting into lip lines or anything like that, and for a 9-hour work day, I'd probably only have to re-apply it once. On it's own, it dries matte on the lips and cheeks. In addition to applying clear gloss on top, I've noticed that Dior Singuliere also looks amazing over it! It makes the look more shiny, bright pink than juicy berry, though.

As far as how it performs on my cheeks, I've used it three times and each time, despite blending with vigorous speed as mentioned above, I ended up with slightly noticeable pink spots because it began to dry down before I could blend it in properly. I apply it after foundation but before powder, in case you're curious. The good thing about it, however, is that it lasts all day on the cheeks without any fading whatsoever. The color at the end of the day will still be the same color it was when I applied it that morning.

Overall, I really, really like it because it was pretty much exactly what I was looking for, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it for beginners or for mornings when you're in a rush. If you don't have the time to give it the time and attention it demands for proper application, don't even open up this can of worms. Don't say I didn't warn you ;)

Compared to other lip stains I've tried in the past, this one isn't too drying on the lips, but I do still prefer to wear it with gloss on top. Especially for the look I was trying to achieve here, a bit of clear gloss really helps to add the 'juicy' factor to my berry lips.

Again with clear gloss

Stila Lip & Cheek Stain in Acai Crush with clear gloss on top.

I have no words for what I'm doing here.

And now onto my eyelet shorts from H&M...

I love them and they were only $15...score! I had to go with a size larger than I normally wear, though, because it was the smallest size they had so sometimes I feel like the shorts look kind of diaper-ish on me, but oh well!

Chambray shirt:: TJ Maxx or Marshall's
White eyelet shorts:: H&M
Brown belt:: Banana Republic
Gold bow necklace:: Etsy
Brown wedges:: Kohl's
Nail polish:: Essie Midnight Cami

Have a good weekend, everyone!!


What I've Learned Along the Way :)

When I first started blogging (you can read about how I started off here), I followed only a handful of beauty blogs, the only beauty videos I watched on YouTube were from Kandee Johnson and Lauren Luke (Panacea81), and I certainly didn't have any "blog friends." In other words, while there were several things/people that inspired me to start my own blog, I didn't have anyone giving me shout-outs left and right to help my blog gain popularity in the very beginning...it was a slooow process (like it is for most of us) but my little bloggy turned out just fine :)

I've noticed that once you have a certain number of followers, people seem to think you have all the answers on how to make a blog successful. In reality, I certainly don't have all the answers (if any, let's be real), but I have learned things along my blogging journey that, I have an inkling, may have contributed positively to my blog. 

**Please take this entire post with a (large) grain of salt - all of these points are entirely just my personal opinion and not factual in any way, shape or form.

Blog often...
...or at least as often as you can. Obviously, we all have lives outside of beauty blogging, and blogging should never seem like a chore. However, as a reader, nothing is worse than finding a great blog and then not hearing a peep from them again for another 6 weeks. I don't think there is a right or wrong frequency for cranking out blog posts, but I do think it helps to try to remain consistent, whether you blog several times a week or a few times a month.

Give props.
You know that great feeling when you click on a new blog and notice that you're in their blog roll, or when someone gives you a shout-out on their blog? And how awesome is it when you discover an amazing, new blog based on someone else's recommendation? If you have a good blog, the shout-outs and blog love will come, but don't forget to also spread the love :)

Put in the time and effort.
Taking and using your own photos is always better than using stock photos. Showing swatches and/or photos of the product in use is always better than not showing swatches and/or photos of product in use. And finally, writing a thorough review of a product after using it for several weeks is always better than writing a "review" that includes something along the lines of, "I just used this foundation for the very first time an hour ago. I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it!" Put the time and effort into brainstorming blog post ideas, reviewing products, taking and editing photos, and writing blog posts...it'll pay off in the end.

Tweet, tweet!
Twitter is your friend. I can't tell you how many people I've met, friends I've made, and fun I've had on Twitter. Like blogging, it's a great way to connect with like-minded people (aka makeup addicts). People tell me all the time that they found my blog through Twitter, and I've found tons of great blogs to follow as well. You'd be surprised how huge the beauty blogging community is, but it's your choice as to whether or not you want to involve yourself in it...I'm just letting you know that it's a lot more fun if you do :)

GFC ain't nothing but a number.
Everyone loves having followers and everyone gets excited when they get new followers - I'm the same way. However, it bothers me when people focus way too much on what their follower number is and not nearly enough time on actually making their blog a good one to begin with.

Be PR-conscious.
Let me fill you in on a little secret: Your followers notice when you only blog about things you've been given for free! Yes, press samples can be great because most bloggers can't afford to buy new products all the time to review, etc., but when you just so happen to write glowing reviews on every press sample and rarely ever review anything you've purchased with your own money, it starts to look really shady and hurt your blogger credibility. My personal view on receiving products from PR to review is: 1) if I wouldn't consider purchasing the product with my own money, I won't accept it, and 2) if I were to imagine another blogger reviewing it and think that I probably wouldn't have the urge to read their blog post on it, I won't accept the product either.

Write a blog you'd want to read.
If I could only give one piece of advice, it would be this. This is my blogging motto. I strive to write the type of blog that I'd be interested in reading. I'm lucky that other people seem to enjoy reading it as well, but it also wouldn't bother me if someone told me they didn't like my blog because I don't blog for anyone else's approval or validation - I blog for me and the people who matter...you guys, of course! :D

What tips do you guys have for blogging?


Blogger Interrogation: Leah's Land

The blogger: Leah

The blog: Leahs Land <3

What is the first blog you remember following?
I believe I started getting into blogging with Youtube, (who didn’t? :D) but the first real blog I followed was yours! Then my next followed blog was definitely Vivianna!

What is the last blog you followed?
 The last blog I believe to have followed was Adrienne Adores blog.

Without checking, how many lipsticks do you think you own?
 Probably 10, I’m not nearly as much as a lipstick person than lip balms/glosses.

How many do you really own?
8! This surely means I need to buy some more right, right? 

You can only use 3 makeup products for the rest of your life. Which ones will they be?
I must have Mascara, probably Maybelline Colossal, moisturizer, L’Oreal Triple Action Day of course, and lip balm, MAC TLC in Petting Pink.

You have to get rid of 3 of your makeup products right now. Which ones will they be?
  Oh this is hard… First would have to be a JQC eyeshadow quad, way to chalky for me. Also an old Lip Smackers that I can’t seem to give up because it smells amazing but the formula is disgusting, and the MODE translucent powder, it’s a mess!

What is your best makeup tip?
Keep it natural. Don’t cake your face to hide one small mark, don’t go overboard on the blush and keep the eyebrows natural, if you know what I mean. I prefer the all-natural look and not the over-done look.

What is your makeup pet peeve?
Caked-on foundation with a thick line, mascara that has smudged onto your eyeshadow (so annoying!) and those gooey black balls in the inner-corner of your eye after you have had eyeliner on.

What is the worst makeup crime you’ve ever committed?
I am so ashamed to say this, but concealer lips :/ I didn’t own a nude lipstick, and I wanted to lighten up my lips a bit. I did top it off with a light pink lipgloss so it wasn’t a complete concealer-y mess!

What is one thing your readers don’t know about you?
I am the youngest of 4 children!

Please link us to your favorite post.
 My favorite post I wrote was my first real ever post to do with makeup. It was a post all about dry lips, and I thought it was pretty good back then! The most recent post of mine is my 100 follower giveaway, enter if you like! 

Thank you to Leah for letting us interrogate her!

Thank you so much for the overwhelmingly positive response on my Blogger Interrogation series! It seems there are quite a few people interested in being interrogated and already, I have bloggers lined up again for the next several weeks so unfortunately, I won't be taking any more volunteers at this time. I'll be sure to let you guys know when I am! Thanks so much for understanding :)


What I've Been Wearing...

...on my eyes...
Cream eyeshadows :: These are Buxom Stay-There Eye Shadow in Pug and MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque. I tend to use Pug when I want more of a smokey look and Rubenesque when I want a more natural look. A lot of times when I'm struggling to get out the door on time, I just slap on some UDPP, a thin layer of either of these, some mascara, and my eye makeup is good to go :)

...on my cheeks...
Glowy, luminous cheeks with no highlight :: These are Benefit Sugarbomb, Milani Luminoso, and Benefit Coralista (a baby one I got as a Sephora 100-pt perk!). I wrote about how I've been reaching for blushes like these lately and completely omitting highlighter here. My go-to blush of the moment is definitely Sugarbomb, but all 3 of these are fantastic and honestly, how freakin' cute is that mini-Coralista?!

...on my lips...
Sheer, balmy lipsticks :: These are Skin Food PK03 Sakura Peach and Dior Singuliere. Just blogged about these here :) I love that they feel like a lip balm (moisturizing), lipstick (adds color), and lip gloss (shiny finish) in one.

...on my face...
An array of different tinted moisturizers and foundations, depending on my skin's needs and what I'm trying to achieve on a particular day :: These are Origins VitaZing, Sonia Kashuk Tinted Moisturizer, Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation, and MUFE F&B Foundation. Lately I've been using VitaZing when I don't need much coverage at all, either a combination of VitaZing + MUFE F&B or SK Tinted Moisturizer by itself when I want a bit more coverage, or Rimmel Lasting Finish when I want the most coverage.

...on my nails...
Minty green and sky blue polishes :: These are Essie Mint Candy Apple and Sally Hansen Barracuda. Love them both but Mint Candy Apple is definitely my favorite of the two!

...and on my skin :)
New skincare (new for me, not for the brand) formulated for my skin type, based on J.'s recommendation :: These are the clarifying toner, purifying facial cleanser, and mattifying day cream from The Body Shop's Seaweed line. I've only been using it for a week so I can't give any clear-cut thoughts on it yet, but so far, I'm loving the day cream, liking the toner, and not caring for the cleanser at all. They also had a deep cleansing gel cleanser (the one that J. has), and I have a feeling that one may be the better choice. Will report back in a few weeks!

What have you been wearing lately?


Skin Food = Dior dupe?

I was a Skin Food virgin up until last night. I went out to dinner with a friend and noticed that a Skin Food store had opened up  recently nearby. I mentioned to my friend that I wanted to take a peek inside after dinner, but I really didn't know what to expect. When I went inside, I felt like a kid in a candy store.

It reminded me a lot of LUSH because they had a ton of skincare, haircare, and bath and shower products inside, and what caught my eye the most was the super cute packaging and the abundance of different lines geared towards different skincare needs! It separates itself from LUSH in that it also has makeup and nail polish. Obviously, I gravitated towards the makeup :)

They had a few different lipstick formulas, but the one that caught my eye was the Vita Tok line, which retails for $16 each and promises watercolor-type of pigmentation that is shiny, bright, and bursting with vitality. Yes, please!

There were a few different shades I would've gone for but in the end, I chose the shade PK03, a lipstick that I believe is going through a bit of an identity crisis at the moment, and I'll tell you why:

Shade PK03 is called Sakura Peach (although it doesn't actually say Sakura Peach anywhere on the lipstick). In the bullet, it appears to be a medium, bright coral with very, very subtle silver shimmer; in other words, not peachy at all. When swatched, it doesn't appear peachy like the name or corally like in the bullet. Instead, it appears as a light to medium, warm-toned pink with just a touch of coral. And while the tiny, subtle silver shimmers are still slightly detectable on a hand swatch, it's really not detectable at all on the lips.

Skin Food Vita Tok Lipstick in PK03 (left) and Dior Addict Lipstick in 465 Singuliere

Once I got home, I swatched my new lipstick next to my new favorite sheer, balmy lipstick: Dior Singuliere. What I found was very exciting (to me, anyway!) :D While they look completely different in the bullet, when swatched, it's a whole different story:

Skin Food PK03 (top/left) and Dior Singuliere

Compared to Singuliere, Skin Food PK03 is a bit warmer and has just a touch of coral. Singuliere is a bright, cool-toned, bubblegum pink. Both lipsticks are the sheer (but neither are super sheer), balmy types, although PK03 is creamier while Singuliere has more of a lip balm texture. I also wanted to mention that while Singuliere is scent-less, PK03 smells like fruit snacks :)

Both have about the same amount of shine, although I'm tempted to say that Singuliere may have a bit more shine once on the lips.

While the two lipsticks are not exactly the same, the shades are shockingly similar and once applied to my lips (it may be different on other people depending on their lips' natural color), I find that the two end up looking almost the same. Singuliere ends up looking just a smidgen brighter and pinker. You can see me wearing Singuliere here.

I'm wearing PK03 Sakura Peach today!

Origins VitaZing
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Sand
Benefit Hoola
Benefit Sugarbomb

MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque
MAC Pigment in Melon
MAC e/s in Era (crease)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Whiskey
L'Oreal Voluminous mascara
Covergirl Lash Blast Volume mascara

Skin Food l/s in PK03

My lovely friend Danielle sent me a sample of MAC Melon pigment a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to wearing it today after my other friend J. tweeted and reminded me that it looks amazing over Rubenesque Paint Pot! I forgot to swatch them side-by-side, but they're basically the same color, a super shimmery, pinky-peachy gold, but with different formulas, obviously! I love Rubenesque but I can't help but be a little disappointed every time I wear it - it seems to just blend away on my lid and the color doesn't appear nearly as vibrant or shimmery as it does when I swatch it on my hand :( Luckily, with Melon on top, the color is completely amplified and as a result, absolutely gorgeous

Have you tried anything from Skin Food?


Maybelline Dream Matte Powder vs. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.

As any sufferer of excessively oily skin would know, face powder is a MUST. I had been using MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus for the past year or so and while I liked it, it's not the absolute best powder for controlling oil. It'd probably be fine for someone with normal, combination, or even slightly oily skin, but for people with extremely oily skin like me, we sometimes need something more heavy-duty, if you will. 

At some point while I was still on P10P a little while ago, I started hearing J. from Lil Lady's Life raving about Maybelline Dream Matte Powder and naturally, as someone who is very easily persuaded, my little ears perked up and I was immediately intrigued. The second I threw up my white flag to P10P, I ran (let's be honest, I drove) to the nearest store and picked the Maybelline powder.

My Maybelline Dream Matte Powder is in the shade Sand (or Medium 0-1) and my MAC MSFN is in the shade Medium Plus. Sand is noticeabley lighter than Medium Plus in the pan, but since it has lighter coverage then MSFN, it's really not noticeable at all once it's applied to the skin.

In addition to offering less coverage, Dream Matte Powder is also not as smooth as MSFN. When I set my face (either foundation or just moisturizer) with MSFN, the powder just seems to melt into my skin, creating a healthy and natural finish that subtly suggests you may just have been blessed with perfect skin. With Dream Matte Powder, I obviously get a completely matte finish (which is to be expected), and while it still looks nice, it doesn't seem to "melt" into my foundation or moisturizer in quite the same way.

What I love about Dream Matte Powder, however, is its ability to control oil much better than MSFN can for me. While I still blot every few hours (I told you I have extremely oily skin, remember?), it's a little bit less than I'd normally have to blot with MSFN and since I'm blotting less, I'm also removing less makeup each time and therefore, my makeup also stays on longer throughout the day. For me, since oil-control is my main concern in the warmer months, I've been greatly favoring Dream Matte Powder over MSFN lately, despite it not looking quite as flawless and amazing on the skin (not to say it doesn't look good in its own right, though), because of its stronger oil-controlling properties.

I normally powder my face twice a day, once in the morning and once around mid-afternoon, and I've never noticed any cakey-ness whatsoever with Dream Matte Powder, but note that I also always remove excess oil from my skin before powdering...in other words, I don't powder on the oily areas in an attempt to remove the oil. That would likely create cakey-ness regardless of what powder you're using.

Notice the difference in packaging too...

MSFN is mirror-less and just opens up like a normal compact but doesn't have any sort of compartment under the powder to house a sponge or powder poof thingy (you know what I mean!). Dream Matte Powder has a lid that lifts open to expose the powder but then the platform that the powder is on can actually be swivelled to the side to expose an area that houses a cheap powder poof (I threw mine away - it's crap) and a mirror (forgot to photograph this, but the mirror is right under the poof). While I don't care for the poof at all since I apply my powder on-the-go with a retractable kabuki brush from EcoTools anyway (it's fantastic, by the way!), I really appreciate that it has a mirror.

I still really like my MSFN, although I'm not sure it really lives up to all of the hype since I don't think it's that amazing, but I think that I've definitely permanently converted to using Dream Matte Powder in the warmer months (probably Spring and definitely Summer!) since that's when my excessively oily skin tends to become excessively, excessively oily.

What's your go-to face powder?


So you're planning a U.S. swap, are you?

I figured it might be fun/helpful to post about a few products that I love that are either only available in the U.S. or can be difficult to find in other countries outside of the U.S. If you ever find yourself planning to swap with someone in the U.S., I highly recommend you requesting your swap partner get you any (or all) of these items.

++Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation++
This is my HG foundation, and I think it's a foundation that would suit a lot of people's skin tones (it has a large shade range), skin types, and skin needs as well (especially if you're on the market for a light coverage foundation!). You can read my full review here.

++Milani Liquif'Eye Pencils++
I have them in black, brown, and silver and while I love the silver (very metallic!), the black and brown ones are absolute staples in my makeup collection. They're creamy, pigmented, and long-wearing...very reminiscent of Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Liners but better (when comparing the black Milani one to UD Zero), in my opinion.

++Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Silent Treatment++
Despite costing only $3, the shadows in this palette perform as if they costed much, much more. They're pigmented (the pink not as much, but it's only a highlight afterall), easy to blend, and last all-day over primer. The silvery taupe shade is especially gorgeous!

++Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara++
This has been my HG mascara for quite some time now. I always get the 'Blackest Black' shade and it's very black, lengthens well, holds a curl well, volumizes well, doesn't smudge or flake despite not being waterproof, and is still easy to remove.

++Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso++
I don't have very many drugstore blushes because I usually think they're crap, but Luminoso is amazing! If you were applying it with your eyes closed (that would be awkward), I don't think you'd be able to tell that it wasn't a more expensive blush like a MAC Mineralized Blush, for example. It's a really pigmented, paler, pinky-peach with a sheen...not exactly shimmery and definitely not glittery. It just gives your cheeks a luminous glow that I think would flatter most skin tones from light all the way to medium-dark.

++Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette++
Need I really say more about this one? You can read my full review here.

Hope this post helps any of you out there who are contemplating a swap in the future!

Blogger Interrogation: Bloomin' Beauty

The blogger: Danielle 

What is the first blog you remember following? 
Hmm, I believe it was Karen’s blog, Makeup and Beauty Blog. It was all downhill from there. I still enjoy her writing style. She is so creative and personable, and it helps that she takes stunning photos! 

What is the last blog you followed? 
I just started following a blog called Makeup By Celly when she was announced as the newest Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassador. She is stunning and creates some really unique looks! 

Without checking, how many lipsticks do you think you own? 
I have been hauling a lot of lipstick this year, so I would say 45 lipsticks. 

How many do you really own? 
Wow. I was really close, I own 52. I feel embarrassed saying that! How can I possibly have MORE on my wish list? Eep! 

You can only use 3 makeup products for the rest of your life. Which ones will they be? 
Wow, I am glad this is only hypothetical! How sad would it be to only use 3?! But, if I had to choose, the first would be my Givenchy Phenom’eyes Effet mascara because it really is the bomb dot com in the lash department. My MAC Pro long wear concealer will always be at my side as it is truly the longest wearing under eye concealer I have tried and provides excellent coverage to boot. The last one was a tricky one, but I’d say MAC Vegas Volt lipstick, because I would cheat and use it as a blush and a lip color. It is THE perfect coral shade and coral happens to be my favorite for cheeks and lips! 

You have to get rid of 3 of your makeup products right now. Which ones will they be? 
This is actually kind of easy; I think makeup fails tend to stick out more for me than all of my makeup successes (tell me I’m not the only one)! I would get rid of my Guerlain Meteorites because I don’t notice a difference when I use it. Plus, I find the smell of them to be a bit much. I would also ditch Benefit Powderflage because it doesn’t do anything in the way of brightening under the eyes and Bare Minerals Well Rested works so much better for me. Lastly, I would get rid of my Philosophy The Supernatural Superglossy lip gloss because it is utter lip gloss failure for me. It was expensive for the amount of product you get and it was in no way “super” glossy. I definitely have $3 lip gloss that’s better than this stuff is! 

What is your best makeup tip? 
Less is more, for everything you put on your face. Under doing it is always better than over doing it for me. I like it when a woman’s (or man’s) natural beauty shines through the makeup instead of being overpowered by it. 

What is your makeup pet peeve? 
I would have to say a tie between cartoon brows and stark lip liner. I just think it looks so unnatural! 

What is the worst makeup crime you’ve ever committed? 
LOL. I have probably committed several makeup crimes over the years, but the worst is probably when I was younger and thought I needed foundation (I have no idea why) and didn’t blend it in properly and had those stark lines on my jaw/neck. A relative actually pointed it out to me once! Can you say mortified?! 

What is one thing your readers don’t know about you? 
I am a total history and geography buff; they were by far my favorite courses to take in school. I read, watch tv shows, and travel to historical places to experience history and geography. My favorite periods of history would have to be the mid 1800s (Civil War era) and the mid 1300s (Black Plaque era). I just find the world to be such a fascinating place! I am going to cheat and add one more thing my readers may not know, and that is that you, Tiffany, were the one who inspired me to actually start my own blog in the first place. It’s odd (in a good way) and quite exciting to be featured on a blog I was reading a year ago in “lurkdom” :) 

Please link us to your favorite post.
This was a tough choice, but all said, I really like my 100th post. I like the picture quality of the swatches and it was just an all around fun post to write, in addition to being a bit of a sentimental milestone for me! 

Thank you to Danielle for letting us interrogate her! 

Thank you so much for the overwhelmingly positive response on my Blogger Interrogation series! It seems there are quite a few people interested in being interrogated and already, I have bloggers lined up again for the next several weeks so unfortunately, I won't be taking any more volunteers at this time. I'll be sure to let you guys know when I am! Thanks so much for understanding :)

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